Cleaning up Jakarta and helping its street children

The Green Project, a recycling collection scheme set up by street children foundation KDM, offers a solution to Jakarta’s waste problem, while benefiting its work in supporting the development of street children into independent, educated and skilled young adults.

KDM currently supports around 80 former street children from around the Greater Jakarta area. By joining the Green Project your recyclable waste can help our children to learn about sustainability and generate local job opportunities and income that supports KDM’s education and health programs for street children, as well as helping to solve Jakarta’s waste/garbage problem.

We want your garbage, and we’ll even collect it too!

Whether from your home, a school, an office, shop or restaurant, we can arrange a weekly collection of your recyclable waste products. We can currently collect from across central and southern Jakarta. So go on, join the Green Project today!

Project Goals

  1. Help to reduce Jakarta’s garbage/waste problem
  2. Help educate the children at KDM in living more sustainably
  3. Using recycling as an innovative way to generate income for supporting KDM’s education and health programs for Jakarta’s street children
  4. Providing local job opportunities

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